Challenges Of Single Parenting Today

The challenges that single parenting today are much the same as they were decades ago, but the difference is that parents today are finding new ways of solving old problems to better their lives and that of their children. For example, the lingering problem of financial hardship has been a challenge of one-parent homes for many years, but thanks to many new and innovative programs, these households are getting the financial assistance they need to thrive. Below you will find other common struggles that those who are single parenting today face, and how they are taking steps to deal with these hurdles.

Being Both Mommy and Daddy

Another age-old challenge of single parenting is the feeling of needing to be both the mom and the dad in the household. As time goes on though, it is becoming increasingly clear that children with one-parent homes would benefit more from their parents acknowledging that they can’t do it all and devoting all of their strength to being either the best mother or father that they can be alone. Through counseling and other domestic programs, families are learning to be happy with the way they are. A great fact of single parenting today is that parents no longer have to struggle to fulfill both ends of the parenting spectrum to have well-adjusted children.

Keeping Up With the Rat Race

It seems like single parents have to work twice as hard to give their children the same way of life as other two-parent families. This leads to longer work hours, and a greater financial strain as individuals struggle to pay for child care. Luckily, there are many assistance programs for single parenting today, which can help to pay the fees that would easily drain a single parent of their paycheck. In addition, many companies are now willing to allow their employees to work from home whenever possible, which helps to alleviate some of the strain from these one-parent homes as well.

Being Judged

Whether we like it or not, being judged is just a simple fact of single parenting today. Although it would be nice to believe that all of the persecution and looking down on single parents is over, the truth is that it isn’t. Regardless of the circumstance, single parents will always be looked down on for accepting the help that they deserve and need. Counseling can help you overcome these feelings, however, and simply understanding that those individuals who persecute you have no idea of your true circumstance and have no right to judge you may help as well.

No one ever said that being a single parent would be easy. Many challenges accompany single parenting today, but many things can be done to overcome these obstacles and make a better life for you and your child. The most important thing to remember is that you must do what is best for your child and your family, and despite what others think you must remain strong and focus on the future ahead of you.

Children’s Healthy For A Healthy Life Span

You want your child to develop as a WHOLE person as they go from birth through adulthood and the number 1 parenting guide item that will help them to become a positive and productive adult is the PH level of their body:

1.If their PH level is not 7 and above your child will not be able to keep up with his classmates:

  • Emotionally
  • Educationally
  • Physically
  • Mentally

2.If their PH level is not 7 and above your child will not have a HEALTHY LIFE SPAN
3.If their PH level is not 7 and above your child will start developing adult diseases
when they are children.

Common sense parenting is all about feeding your child only good nutrition-vegetables, fruit, and a few of the other good quality foods that organic and homemade would be so beneficial to the child’s well-being.

Eggs are great protein – but make sure they are cage-free and good quality fed food
Make sure they receive quality olive oil or organic flax seed oils as part of their dressings for salads.

Try to keep artificial sugars away and STOP them from having sodas at all. Make sure your water is filtered – keeping fluoride from them at least 95% of the time. If your city puts fluoride in the city water-call your city council people and get it taken out.
Make sure that your get sprouted loaves of bread as much as possible. You and the children can make a day of making homemade bread-what a treat for most families and they would be so proud of the family venture together, which bonds a family strong together when they do things together.

Green vegetables-spinach, dark leaf lettuce, and fruits make up the most 7 PH levels-get a book and keep track of how many food items a day that is below 7 PH that will not only bring a child healthy downward and start the process of a life of illness but get a book that shows all one can eat that is healthy for your child. The child will sleep better at night that makes for a much more alert student in the classroom and better able to socialize with other students better.

All the items we talk about on our Blog are about the WHOLE CHILD – and how today what you do with your child will last their WHOLE LIFE.

Plan for your child to have a HEALTHY LIFE SPAN – that starts today. Make it an adventure and see how their motivation and expectation of themselves will increase when they know you, the parent, is doing all you can to see that they have a QUALITY LIFE.

This is common sense parenting to most of you but does keep in mind these items daily.

Parenting tips are for the long term and your child may not thank you today but in the future, they will appreciate all these because they will know their WHOLE BEING and the other children will not.

Be a leader at your school about the PH level of the body.

Consequences Of Single Parenting Today

Many people fail to realize that there are both positive and negative consequences of single parenting. When you think about a single parent the vision that pops into most people’s minds is not a positive or happy one. However, many families and children are thriving each day in homes that have only one parent. Whether they like it or not, millions of parents wake up each morning and take on the task of raising a child alone, with both the good and bad consequences that come with the decision that they have made.

The Good

Often overlooked are the positive consequences of single parenting that can only be gained by raising your child alone. These include an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing that at the end of the day you were able to provide a comfortable and warm environment for your child all by yourself. This is a wonderful self-esteem booster and is the driving force behind most single parents’ will to get up and move forward each day.

Another good consequence of being a single parent is your ability to build a stronger bond with your child. Single parents tend to be far more attentive and involved in their child’s life than parents from intact families are. Single parents understand just how important it is to stay involved in their child’s lives so that they have all of the love and support they need to thrive. This dedication to their child is what enables them to build a strong and irreversible bond with their children for life.

The Bad

  • Unfortunately, along with the positive consequences that come with single parenting, also comes the negative ones. While not every family will experience these negative effects, these are the things that have an opportunity to take place in a home that has only one parent. An increase in the chance for delinquent behavior can often occur in a home with only one parent due to the lack of a strong male figure, feelings of abandonment and resentment, or a lack of supervision during the day or night.
  • Negative consequences of single parenting also include feelings of guilt for the parent, as they feel bad for not being able to be both a mom and dad at all times. They will often feel as though they have failed or are not able to do enough to make their child happy or keep them out of trouble. Behavioral problems are also common among single-parent children, although counseling and parental involvement can help to overcome that obstacle.

It is important to understand that there are both positive and negative consequences involved when it comes to single parenting. The positive consequences of single parenting can often even overshadow the negative ones, but you must consider both and deal with them as required. Many negative problems that crop up can be handled well with an increase in supervision as well as counseling and letting your child know that you are always there for them. At the end of the day, as long as you do the best you can to be a loving parent to your child, there is no more that can be asked of you.